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Custom Container Labeling Services for Tubes, Bottles, Jars, Spray Bottles and Cans

Label Services
Label Services
Custom Labeling Services
Custom Labeling Services
Bottle Labeling
Bottle Labeling

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In addition to sourcing and filling, at Pack Logix, we provide custom container labeling for a variety of packaging. Containers include tubes, bottles, jars, oilers, grease canisters, spray bottles, and cans in glass, plastic and aluminum. Customers may provide their own labels, or we can source any label to customer specifications. Products can be labeled after filling, in conjunction with the purchase of custom packaging, or existing products can be relabeled for private branding purposes. Film labels are used with all oil application bottles. Since we specialize in oils, greases, lubricants, and solvents, our experts understand the adhesive and lamination requirements for these applications.

Decorating is also available for direct application of the artwork onto the packaging substrate. Warehousing, JIT, and fulfillment are provided as value added services. Blanket orders allow customers to realize savings from purchasing material in bulk, and product is released to customers based on incoming orders or customer provided forecasts. Once a kanban is released, it is shipped within 48 hours. Over 20 sizes of tubes are kept in stock for emergency orders. For more information about our custom container labeling capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Custom Container Labeling Capabilities

Custom labels
Label Characteristics
Film Labels - Resistant to oil & solvents
Gloss Labels
Custom Finishes
Pressure Sensitive
Printing Type
Single color in-house printing
Sourcing for full color
Packaging Materials and Container Styles
Flexible tubes
Plastic bottles & jars
Grease cartridges & canisters
Pump & spray bottles
Aluminum tubes, cans & tins
Glass bottles & jars
Thermoformed plastic
Needle tip oilers
Aerosol cans
Specialized caps/closures
Container Sizes
0.25 oz. to 5 gallon
Custom Packaging for these Product Types
Lubricants, greases & oils
Liquid formulas
Dry formulas
Graphite and powders
Personal care products
Consumer goods
Pharmaceutical products
Secondary Services Offered
Artwork Design Assistance
Package design
Component sourcing
Offset & screen printing
Drop shipping
Bar coding
Production Volume
1000 piece minimum
Low volume
High volume
Lead Times Available
4-8 weeks
Many tube sizes in stock
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Additional Information

Industry Focus
Commercial products
Automotive care
Cleaning products
Industry Standards/Certifications
MIL- STD-129
MIL- STD-290
MIL- STD-2073
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