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Global Product Packaging Sourcing Solutions

Global Product Sourcing
Global Product Sourcing
Global Product Packaging Sourcing
Global Product Packaging Sourcing
Global Sourcing Product Packaging Solutions
Global Sourcing Product Packaging Solutions

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At Pack Logix, we help customers navigate the complex global packaging sourcing market. Through our relationships with reliable offshore manufacturers, we are able to provide customers with multiples types of packaging in plastic, glass, acrylic and metal materials. When many customers think of globally sourced supplies, they think that in order to realize the associated cost savings, large order quantities and lengthy lead times are required. By partnering with Pack Logix, customers can order as little as 1,000 pieces and receive the initial shipment in as little as 4-8 weeks. Blanket orders are accepted and kanbans can be created to store customer stock in our domestic warehouse. Kanban releases are shipped within 48 hours.

Types of packaging include, but are not limited to, flexible tubes, plastic bottles and jars, pails, syringes, cans, grease cartridges, clamshell packages, blister packages, skin packaging, and spray bottles. Caps and enclosures can be sourced in a variety of shapes and colors. Customers include the automotive, industrial, household healthcare, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Container filling, decorating, labeling, kitting, warehousing, and shipping services are also available. Labels, blister pack cards, and even the product itself can also be sourced by our purchasing and procurement department. For more information about our global packaging sourcing capability, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Global Packaging Sourcing Capabilities

Packaging Capabilities
Sourcing of standard size and custom packaging
Low minimums
Exclusive offshore manufacturing partnerships
Custom Packaging
  • Offset & silk screen printing
  • Mold Design
  • Graphic Design
Expedited lead times
Product Sourcing
Lubricants, greases & oils
Liquid formulas
Dry formulas
Graphite & powders
Cleaners and degreasers
Custom Blends
Packaging Materials and Container Styles
Flexible tubes
Plastic bottles & jars
Grease cartridges & canisters
Pump & spray bottles
Aluminum tubes, cans & tins
Glass bottles & jars
Thermoformed Plastic
Needle tip oiler
Aerosol Cans
Specialized Caps/Closures
Additional Services Offered
Package design
Offset & silk screen Printing
Drop Shipping
Bar Coding
Testing & Quality
Product integrity
Print quality
Seal & leak testing
Wall thickness testing
Visual inspection
Production Volume
1000 piece minimum
Low volume
High volume
Lead Times Available
4-8 weeks
Many tube sizes in stock
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Additional Information

Industries Served
Commercial products
Automotive Care
Cleaning Products
Industry Standards/Certifications
MIL- STD-129
MIL- STD-290
MIL- STD-2073
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