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Co-Extruded Tubes

Leveraging our relationships with multiple tube manufacturers across the globe, Pack Logix has the ability to source outstanding co-extruded tubes, sometimes referred to as 5 layer tubes or EVOH tubes. The advantage to this type of extruded plastic is that is has excellent durability and provides exceptional barrier properties against oxygen, gases and solvents. The additional EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) layer extends product shelf life, reduces odors and allows your product and packaging to maintain its integrity throughout the product life cycle. By using co-extrusion, the permeability of the tube is minimized which makes it capable of being filled with a wide range of contents such as chemicals, cleaning and pharmaceutical products.
  • Co-extruded tubes are commonly used when packaging food, industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, personal healthcare and beauty products.
  • MOQ on EVOH tubes is 10,000 units per artwork.
  • Co-extruded tubes have the same decoration capabilities as polyethylene tubes.