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Injection Molded Tubes


Injection-molded tubes with in mold labels offer superior printing and full coverage graphic quality. Compared to a plastic extruded or laminate tube, they are the most eco-friendly choice in tube packaging, with the lowest environmental impact to the carbon footprint and meeting category 5 recyclability. The 100% polypropylene tube is manufactured by an injection molding process and decorated with an in-mold label. The polypropylene label is literally embedded into the walls of the tube, forming an integral part of the tube wall, and protecting the decoration from scuffs during distribution and use. With a polypropylene cap applied as an immediate secondary step, the tube is fully manufactured and ready for filling in mere seconds with just a couple of steps. This highly integrated manufacturing system yields efficiencies that produce consistent high quality with very short lead times.

FACT: A Viva Tube saves 25% to 35% emissions for every tube produced compared to the sunset technologies of laminate and extruded tubes.

FACT: Recycling 1 million Viva Tubes conserves the equivalent emissions from an average automobile for 10 years, or the energy use from an average home for 6 years!

Pack Logix is an Approved Authorized Distributor for Viva Healthcare Packaging. Viva Healthcare Packaging is a global leader in injection-molded tube manufacturing with ISO and GMP certified operations in Canada, Hong Kong, and Poland.

Tube Volume Size Chart